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End-Of-The-Year Activity: Rhythm Race - Sandy Elder
RHYTHM RACE (2nd-5th)
  Best with small to medium class sizes. For large classes, divide into three teams instead of two and make floor markings for three teams.

Materials: tape to mark two X's on the floor (not necessary if you have two sturdy NON-FOLDING chairs that DON'T slide easily), small drum and stick, black/white board, chalk/markers, eraser(s), and (opt.) enough little treats for the whole class (little candies or whatever).


1. Choose two captains and divide into equal teams (okay if not exact).
2. Have kids sit as teams, facing the board.
3. On the floor (or using chairs), draw two large X's next to each other. This is where the players will sit when it's their turn. They should be positioned in front of the other players. On bare/carpeted floors, draw a T with tape and have each team sit on one side of the T. Draw the X's just in front of the T.

1. Captains each pick one kid to sit on their X.
2. Teacher plays a rhythm (start easy and progress through the game) on the drum.
3. Entire class echoes. (They will not do this automatically, but will instead be tempted to run to the board right away. This is an important step, though, because it keeps the entire class engaged and helps them remember the rhythm better.)
4. Teacher says, "GO!!!," and kids on the X's race to the board, write the rhythm, and race back to their X's.
5. First one back gets his/her answer checked first. If right = 1 pt., if wrong = check the slower kid's answer. Pt. if right.
6. If both reach the X together, check both.
7. If no one gets the answer right, repeat it for the next two players.
8. Play until end of lesson.
9. Treat for all who are good sports (losers AND winners) and double treat for winners, or just let them line up first.

  This is quite an active lesson, but it harnesses their energy into a wonderful learning game and gives you the chance to do some informal assessing.

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