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Music Games 7-8

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Cup Game - Susan Ramsey
Cup Game Pattern
First part:
Language is: "clap clap bumblebee, clap, up, down" ("ta, ta, titi, ta / ta, ta, ta, rest")
Beat 1: clap (ta)
Beat 2: clap (ta)
Beat 3: tap the top of the cup twice (titi)
Beat 4: tap the top of the cup once (ta)
Beat 5: clap (ta)
Beat 6: raise the cup a few inches into the air (ta)
Beat 7: place the cup down again (ta)
Beat 8: rest

Second part:
Language is: "Clap, Grab, Pop, Down, Switch, SLAP, Pass"
("ta, ta, ta, ta / ta, ta, ta, rest")
Beat 1: clap
Beat 2: grasp the cup from the left with the right hand
Beat 3: "pop" the top (open) end of the cup against the left palm held flat with thumb up
Beat 4: place the cup down, right side up. Don't let go of the cup.
Beat 5: place the bottom of the cup in the left palm, then grasp with left hand. "Switch" the cup to your left hand in this movement.
Beat 6: Slap the table (or floor) with the right palm down.
Beat 7: Using the left hand, place the cup in front of the person to the right, reaching over the right hand that has slapped down. The cup is placed upside down, in position to begin the first part.
Beat 8: Rest

• Teach the first part first and pass the cups on the "up/down" part putting it down in front of the person to your right.
• You'll need enough cups for everyone playing, but as you are teaching it, pass the cups out gradually. Pass to your right until everyone in the circle has a cup in front of him or her. Once everyone has a cup, teach the second part s..l..o..w..l..y!
• Use plastic tumbler cups. Paper cups will get crushed and cans are too noisy.
• Try this game using the Washington Post March (Sousa)
• Try this in a performance using white gloves, white cups and black light.
• Have the kids make up their own cup passing patterns!


Basketball and STOMP Activity - Laura Bartolomeo
  I had an unmotivated group once (seventh graders), and we used a basketball beat activity and combined it with the video STOMP. (This would work well with fourth through eighth graders.)

1. We looked for three things while watching STOMP - the steady beat, an ostinato, and then the main rhythm. Once the students had the idea, I put them in groups of four or five.

2. Using nothing but body percussion, the students were to have a steady beat begin, then layer on an ostinato, then the main rhythm (we used nursery rhyme rhythms - clapped, not spoken), then the ostinato would drop out, and then the steady beat would stop for the ending. (It was a basic symmetrical layer on then layer off.) The students knew that if they did this well (i.e., silent start, good middle, silence after the ending, organized, professional, etc.) that each group would then get a basketball.

3. Using the basketball, repeat #2.

4. Going back to no props, change the form. Instead of Intro-A-Coda, try Intro-A-B-A-coda, or like the video try stopping all patterns and re-starting.

  The students really loved this activity. After each performance we would discuss whether we heard a steady beat, ostinato, etc., and they quickly had true understanding of those concepts.

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