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CUC Musicals Presents: Seussical - The Musical!

Michelle Axelrod

Artistic Co-Director

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Michelle Axelrod


Michelle is extremely grateful to have been able to direct such a talented cast and is very excited to be presenting Seussical The Musical.  After being a member of the audience in the first two CUC musicals Michelle was given the chance to become a cast member.  Michelle joined a talented cast for Jospeh and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Children of Eden.  Prior to the beginning of the 5th CUC musical, Michelle found herself on the production team, as an Apprentice Producer for Once on this Island.  She later took on the role of Co-Director for last year's production of The Wiz.  Content on being backstage, Michelle decided to give up the stage for a chance to co-direct with Kristin Wood, thus leading her to where she is now.  Always interested in Drama, Charleswood United Church is not the only place Michelle takes part in theatre.  Though she has never taken Drama courses at school Michelle actively participated in an after school theatre program at Shaftesbury, playing Lizzie in the Decade Club.  After the program was cancelled, Michelle joined a group of students who amongst themselves decided to put on the production of Fame!   Finishing up her last year of high school, Michelle will continue to participate in student led theatre at school before heading off to University- where she has no idea what she will be taking.

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