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CUC Musicals Presents: Seussical - The Musical!

Seussical Audition Letter

This newsletter was handed out at Seussical auditions on May 6 & 7, 2005.

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May, 2005


Dear Cast Member and Parent/Guardian,


Thank you for auditioning for Seussical at Charleswood United Church (CUC).  Congratulations on being a part of this year's CUC Musical Cast!


Seussical performances are September 15 - 17, 2005 at 7:30 pm, and September 17, 2005 at 2:30 pm at Charleswood United Church.  A dress rehearsal will take place September 14, 2005 at 7 pm.


Our website is:


In addition to receiving printed information, all forms, rehearsal schedules, and information can be found on the website.  The cast list and rehearsal schedule will be posted May 10, 2005 on the website.  (Please inform the Production Team if you do not have internet access, so that alternate arrangements can be made). 


Rehearsals are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings in June, July and August.  Leads may begin rehearsing in May.  Rehearsals for the full cast begin with a Super-Fun Kick-Off Day on Saturday, June 4, 2005 from 10 am to 4 pm.  There is a Cast/Parent/Guardian Meeting on Saturday, June 4, 2005 at 4 pm, where we will review important details about the summer and the show, as well as hand out forms to be completed and returned by indicated deadlines.  Please plan on attending this meeting, and if you are under 18 years old, please have a parent/guardian attend the meeting with you.  In addition, our Musical Day Camp will take place August 13 & 14, 2005, and weekend rehearsals will be on September 10 & 11, 2005.  All rehearsals and performances take place at the church. 


Enclosed, is a synopsis of Seussical, as well as contact information for the Production Team.  Most importantly, this package contains a cast agreement the Production Team has created with some rules and guidelines for the summer.  Please read the cast agreement thoroughly and return the last page signed (by you and your Parent/Guardian) on the day of the Super Fun Kick-Off Day and Cast/Parent/Guardian Meeting (June 4, 2005). 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Production Team. 


Thanks again, for auditioning.  We look forward to a great summer of theatre, music, fun, and community!!


CUC Seussical Production Team

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