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CUC Musicals Presents: Seussical - The Musical!

Seussical Logo - Artists Needed

May 11, 2005

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Subject: Attention All Artists - CUC Needs a Seussical Logo

May, 11, 2005

Hello CUC Seussical Cast!

Our summer has begun, and we need your help, please: We need a Seussical Logo - as soon as possible!!

This single coloured logo will be used for posters, tickets, programs, T-shirts, etc. The T-shirts usually have a smaller logo or name on the front, and a large logo on the back.

Ideas, from the Production Team include:

-Clover with magnifying glass magnifying "Seussical"

-White glove with fur wrist/arm holding magnifying glass

But this is only a starting point - any creativity and new ideas are very much welcome!

Due to copyright restrictions, the logo may not contain any Dr. Seuss figures.

We appreciate your creativity and inspirations converted into a drawing, by Wednesday, June 1/05. If you are able to contribute to our logo or have any questions please contact the Production Team (

Have a Fabulous Day!!

See you all at the Super-Fun Kick-Off on Saturday, June 4/05!

CUC Seussical Production Team

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