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Grade 1: Form

The Music Teacher Resource Page

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Some great ways to experiences phrases:
Mirroring in partners (1 partner leads for 1 phrase, other partner leads for next phrase - continue alternating)
Draw phrases in air (ie. rainbow)
Students draw phrases on paper - either rainbow phrases, or they can start at a picture of a house, and draw the phrase in a circular way and need to be back "home" by the end of the phrase.
Students move in one direction, change direction at end of each phrase. (or perform a new type of movement for each phrase).
Students stand on a piece of paper (or imaginary dot).  Move away from paper/dot, but must be back by the end of the phrase (or move away to another piece of paper for one phrase, travel back to their own paper for the next phrase).
Put students in groups (ie. 4 students if there are 4 phrases in the song).  Each students moves to 1 phrase of the song - when not moving, students are statues.

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