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Music Across the Curriculum

The Music Teacher Resource Page

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Do you have some great ideas for connecting learning in the music room to other subject areas?  Please share them with us!

The Arts as Meaning Makers: Integrating Literature and the Arts Through the Curriculum (Canadian Edition)
By Claudia E. Cornett & Katharine L. Smithrim (2001 Pearson Education Canada Inc.)
This is a really cool book - and it's Canadian!  It includes really neat ideas for integrating literature, visual art, drama, dance, and music across the curriculum.  It also has chapters on "Assessment in the Arts", Arts-Based and Award Winning Children's Literature, "Arts Organizations, Addresses and Internet Sites", "Creating a Positive Classroom Environment", recommended reading and more!  It is available at the University of Manitoba Bookstore.
Song of the Unicorn
A Musical Journey Through Medieval Times
(Published by Classical Kids)
This is really cool!  I bought the CD and the Teacher's book to go with my Medieval Music unit.  The CD is a story that takes place in Medieval times.  There is beautiful Medieval music underneath the story (the recorder scores for which are included in the Teacher's book so that students can play them too!!).  The story and music explore such things as riddles, processionals, monasteries, Gregorian chant, instruments, etc.  There is also a neat part where the magician Merlin takes us into "The Future of Music" - the score includes "Chanonne", a pice for recorders that has Greensleves, Gibbons's The Silver Swan, Bach's Bist Du Bei Mir, a Bach Minuet, and an excerpt from Mozart's Magic Flute all playing together at different times - it's really beautiful!
     The Teacher's book includes connections across the curriculum:
Geography (England), S.S. (feudal life, town & country; monastery life, castle life; chivalry; food and play; place of women and children), Creative Writing (storyboarding, graphing events; riddles and humour; character; quests and fairy tales; myths: Arthur, Merlin; magic animals; magic and dreams), Modern Issues (Gender roles; dreams; literacy), Music (sing or play on recorders/strings; Medieval instruments; colours and mood; Gregorian chant; sonority mapping), Math & Science (Disease, medicine, the plague; ecology, environment; armour and warfare).  It even includes suggested lesson plans.
     At St. John's Music the CD is $19.95 (but I got it at Future Shop for $14.99...), and the Teacher's book is $9.98.  They also carry all of the other publications in the Classical Kids Series (ie. Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery, etc.). 

The arts – literature, visual art, music, drama, and dance – are our culture’s most powerful means for making life in its particulars vivid.  In this way the arts escalate consciousness. – Elliot Eisner