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Kindergarten: Movement

The Music Teacher Resource Page

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Do you have some fun movement ideas for the little guys?  Please share them with us!

Tune: Frere Jacques
Walking, walking, walking, walking,
Hop, hop, hop.  Hop, hop, hop.
Running, running, running.  Running, running, running.
Now we stop.  Now we stop.
It's not much, but kind of cute...
All Around the Mullberry Bush
Give each student a hoola hoop (most gyms will have them).  Sing "All Around the Mullberry Bush" - students run around their hoop and jump into the middle on the word "pop".
Variation 1: Change the monkey to a different animal.  Students move like the new animal around their hoop, still jumping into the middle on "pop".
Variation 2: Group students into pairs, each pair with one hoola hoop.  Change both the monkey and the weasel to two different animals. The students each move like their own animal - fun to watch!!!!
Variation 3: Play as the traditional circle game (2 players run around the outside of the circle, first person back to the empty spot in the circle when the song ends sits down), but change the animals - students move like the specified animals.  This makes the game more challenging and may prevent crazy running...

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