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St. Patrick's Day Ideas

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"It's not easy being green..." - Kermit the Frog
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Who Has Got My Lepechaun
Tune: This Old Man
Leprechaun, Leprechaun
Who has got my Leprechaun?
Number 1, number 2, number 3 it must be YOU!
Take this shamrock now please do.
(you might want to fix the last line if you can think of a better idea...)
Game: Similar to Lucy Locket - students sit in a circle, one child carries a paper shamrock (or you could use a pot of gold, rainbow, etc.) around the circle.  When the song gets to "Number 1, number 2, number 3 it must be you", the child points to the next 3 children as he/she walks behind them.  The "number 3" child is now "it" and the old "shamrock carrier" sits in the circle.
Variation 1: The former "shamrock carrier" joins onto the new carrier (like a train) - continue until all children are on the train
Variation 2: Play ala "Duck Duck Goose" - after the "shamrock carrier" taps the third child, they race in opposite directions around the circle.  Whoever is last getting back to the original spot is now "it".

St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic.  ~Attributed to Adrienne Cook


When law can stop the blades of grass from growin' as they grow,
An' when the leaves in summer time their color dare not show,
Then I will change the colour, too, I wear in my caubeen;
But till that day, praise God, I'll stick to the Wearin' o' the Green.

- Unknown