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Song Ideas?

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SONG IDEAS? Posted by Joleen, Jan. 11, 2005

I have been asked to have my choir sing a song for  the 100th Anniversary of St. Andrews becoming a muncipiality.

I have no idea what kind of song they could do. If anyone has any, ANY suggestions can you please let me know. Or if you actually have something I could borrow that would be even better!!!  I was thinking maybe something that is more geared to a graduatioin song...y'know something about " the past is behind us and the going into the future  strong" They have to sing it on Valentine's Day so I don't have very much time... I need something simple.



"Stronger With Time" by Carl Strommens (published by Alfred Publishing) is a beautiful one.  It starts of with "This is the best of times; we reach for the stars.  Our spirit grows stronger, stronger with time."  Part of the chorus is "Then go ye with the rising of the sun.  Sail on with the wind, with the wind." etc.  I'm not sure if this helps, but it'a a nice song.  I know it's available in 2-part.
Also, if you go to J.W. Pepper, and click on Choral Music, then School Choir, then scroll down and on the sidebar under Seasonal they have Graduation/Commencement songs.  It's got some really nice ideas.
(submitted by Ashley)
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